Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program: Farm Locally, Connect Globally.

MESA now offers a Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program (CAAP), completely online! Unlike any other online platform in the world, our Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program is open-sourced, community-based, and provides deeper context to support hands-on training.

Revolutionize your agricultural education! Drawing on agroecology’s ancestral roots in the Global South, this course will give you the technical and theoretical toolkit needed to face an increasingly globalized food system. You will leave this course with an excellent skill-set and understanding of how you can be a part of building a just, agroecological food system. For all interested farmers, students, educators, thinkers and doers. Learn more and get started now! 

By taking this course you will:

  • Advance your path in agroecology and sustainable food systems.

  • Expand your agricultural career opportunities with a Certificate in Applied Agroecology, developed with contributions and resources from farmers, scientists, and community field experts, including Miguel Altieri, Professor of Agroecology at UC Berkeley, Laura Murray from California Certified Organic Farmers, and Steve Gliessman, Professor of Agroecology at UC Santa Cruz. View all contributors here. 

  • Already working or interning on a farm? Add merit to the experience by earning a Certificate while doing it!

  • Grow your network as you work together with a global community of beginning and experienced farmers and educators

  • Engage with our experienced MESA instructors through interactive activities and online forums.

  • Learn practical on-farm skills with a global socio-political and economic perspective

  • Pace Yourself. We understand how busy you are. Your instructor will help you move through the online modules and field-based based assignments, but you’ll set the pace according to your schedule and availability.

  • Are you are farmer or working on a farm? Click here to learn how this program can support you and your farm and consider supporting your interns to gain a certificate as part of their internship.

“It’s incredibly informative, well-written and gives a great amount of supporting information in each lesson. Learning about the politics affecting food production globally is something that wasn’t granted to me in a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. I’m so thankful to have been linked with a program that aligns with my values, and has brought me to what I’ve wanted to learn about for so long.” Maggie, MESA Steward participant

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Questions? Contact us via email at caap (at) mesaprogram.org or call 510.654.8858

Costs: In order to make our materials as accessible as possible, we offer all our online content for free. However, to earn the Certificate and have access to an instructor along with many other added benefits, we ask for a sliding scale donation to help us compensate our MESA instructors. See sign up page for details. We appreciate your contribution to our nonprofit at the scale that is possible for you!