Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program (CAAP): Farm Locally, Connect Globally

A Program Designed for Farmers:

Our Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy farmers/gardeners who want to deepen their experience in a structured way. Through this program you will:

  • Build your experience with an official Certificate in Applied Agroecology from MESA

  • Connect to a global, multi-generational network of farmers, organizers and mentors

  • Deepen your skillset and learn about agroecology with a global perspective

  • Engage with experts in the field via live webinars and online activities

  • Apply your new knowledge to design better on-the-ground farming systems

  • Gain new insight to better understand the socio-political impacts of agriculture

Deepen Your Farm internships:

Overwhelmed with the daily realities of running a farm, and unable to provide a training/mentoring experience for your apprentices beyond a simple “learn-by-doing” approach? This course is also designed to allow busy farmers like you to provide better structure and analysis for your farm internships.

  • Attract more invested interns by offering the option to earn the Certificate as part of their internship by sharing or covering the sliding-scale cost of the program

  • Grow inspired apprentices! Enrich hands-on training for your interns and Stewards. Result: You’ll have apprentices inspired to learn about sustainable food systems through hands-on projects, complementing your necessary daily farm work

  • Gain dynamic skills while improving mentorship capacity

  • Increase on-farm innovation, collaboration and experimentation with interns and Stewards

  • Build the next generation of farmers, thinkers, and change-makers. By connecting your interns to the realities facing small farms and the importance of civic engagement CAAP will empower you and your interns to build the food movement to serve people and the planet.

  • Are you a farm intern interested in adding structure and a Certificate to your experience? Share this information with your host farmer or sign up today!

“MESA’s agroecology curriculum is the perfect complement to our hands-on instruction. It helps the students shape thoughtful questions and has brought fresh thinking to the way we do things here on the farm.” – Ellee Igoe, co-owner, Solidarity Farms

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Costs: Please note, in order to make our materials as accessible as possible, we offer all our online content for free. However, to earn the Certificate and have access to an instructor along with many other added benefits, we ask for a sliding scale donation to help us compensate our MESA instructors. We appreciate your contribution at the scale that is possible for you!