Applied Agroecology

Gain a foundation in Agroecology through this 7 Lesson Course.
MESA Program · January 21, 2016

Certificate in Applied Agroecology (CAAP): Farm Locally, Connect Globally

About the Course

Thank you for you interest in MESA’s Applied Agroecology course! Our virtual campus combines the theoretical with the practical to promote comprehension, synthesis, and sharing of agroecological practices through on-farm activities and projects. You’ll connect with fellow learners, contextualize daily farm activities, and gain a deeper appreciation for agroecological practices, with particular emphasis on the socio-political aspects. Certificate-track enrollees will also receive personalized facilitator feedback on assignments and earn a Certificate in Applied Agroecology to accentuate and complement experiential training.

How Learning will Happen

  • Farm Maps and Applied Activities
    • At the end of each lesson, you will complete an on-farm applied activity. This allows you to reflect, analyze, and apply the principles and practices you’ve learned and understand how the different concepts relate to your farm, food system and/ or culture.
    • The course instructor will provide individualized feedback for Certificate-track enrollees to facilitate learning and/or to deepen inquiry on various subjects, as well as for the forums
  • Private Online Forums
    • At the end of each module, you’ll participate in a forum, either responding to or posing your own questions to your international cohort of fellow learners.  Through these forums, learners from all over the world can compare ideas, share techniques, and co-create new knowledge.
  • Self-assessments
    • In order to measure learning outcomes, you will assess your knowledge of a particular subject area at the beginning and end of each lesson, creating a self-directed

For a full course description, please check out our Applied Agroecology Course Page.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • 66 Topics
  • 14 Reflection Questions