• Laura

    May 31, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    Hello Laura here from Follow Your Heart Farm in Quincy, Ca. My wife Ann and I are in the second chapter of our work lives and have spent the last 3 years developing our farm. We currently have 1/4 acre in production with 1/8th acre mixed vegetables and 1/8th acre with a mixed fruit orchard, berries, and hops. We have an additional 1/2 acre dedicated to our new pasture raised pork operation. We have American Guinea Hogs along with AGH/KuneKune crosses. We have a flock of hens that we keep for eggs for ourselves and a handful of dedicated customers. We have a short growing season in the mountains and season extension is a must. Climate change is real and the weather patterns appear more erratic. I hope to learn how to continue to farm in this changing environment.