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  • Laura

    June 5, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    1. These are interesting tools I had not seen previously.
    2. It appears that my central coast location can expect to become more uniform: slightly warmer (average temp goes from 66 to 70) and slightly wetter (avg precip. goes from 14.4″ to 15.8″). The extreme heat threshold is 88.2; this is lower than other regions… and extreme heat days may double from 4 to 8 annually. Sea level rise does not have much impact on my immediate area, but does hit the major tourist centers in Monterey, nearby. This can affect traffic and markets. Appears to be an intensification of wildfire in the broader region. The tool suggests going from 33 to 40 hectares burned annually in my area. There is an increase in cooling degree days and decrease in warming degree days.
    3. I don’t have enough history farming to estimate climate related losses. Having been in this region for only 8 years, I am not comfortable assuming that any variability I’ve noticed can be attributed to climate change.
    4. Something new this year: a significant issue with house flies. It might be related to management, but we have not yet figured out what is different this year in our management to account for the significant increase in fly population. We have been extra diligent in compost and manure management, and released parasitic beneficials (wasps) as a last resort. In an urban lot, the neighbors complaints carry a lot of weight.