• Gabriel

    June 8, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Gabriel here from Paso Robles, CA. I am the asst. winemaker, one of the vineyard managers, and project lead for our Healthy Soils Grant. I have been with this winery for two years now and feel great pride in the company’s desire to move towards sustainability. The challenges are real as projections for this area and the climate we are already experiencing mean that if you are not seeking to be on the vanguard you wont be around in the long run. I hope to develop my own ability and strengthen my voice to speak for the land and for the often unrepresented communities that do most of the work on these lands as well as seeking ways to grow their voice. Ecology, finance, and community all have to be included in decision making for anyone to be resilient. Very excited about this course and already pleased with what I see, Thanks all!