• Bob

    June 11, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    What an amazing group of people! We do everything from wine to hogs. Can’t wait to have conversations with folks doing similar work and visiting some farms in the bay area. I am a retired ranger and volunteer 3-4 days per week at the Gill Tract Community Farm in Albany.It was created by the Occupy Movement on UC Berkeley land. They weren’t thrilled with us and plowed our first crops under, threatening to arrest us and our chickens. We have been growing about 40 different vegetables on one acre for almost four years now. We practice no-till, intercropping, organic farming. There is a large medicinal herb garden, children’s garden, and 20 rows of crops. Turns out that it was much easier to make a political statement by occupying the land than it is to farm. But the gophers are very thankful that we are here. So are the ground squirrels. So were the wild turkeys until we covered the entire farm with netting to keep them from digging everything up.

    The Ohlone people are growing traditional crops and have a sacred meeting spot on the land, which is close to the largest and now nonexistent shellmound in the bay area. We give all our produce away to our volunteers and local groups like women’s and homeless shelters, the student food pantry, low-income senior residences, etc. I want to visit Alemany Farm in SF, as we are both in the same situation: we can’t sell our produce. How do you stay in business?