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  • Sharon Blick

    June 12, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Hi Laura, Thanks for your reply. I’m in Oregon and we tried to pass a Cap and Trade law (like California) this winter but failed. The Farm Bureau lobbied against it. I wrote letters to the editor of my local paper and the statewide ag newspaper and I was interviewed about it. We need more farmers to stand up to the Farm Bureau and speak up in favor of taking action to stop climate change. I also include a section called “Surviving Climate Chaos” in my farm newsletter where I describe how it is affecting my farm and I let my newsletter readers know how they can take action. I’m a member of my local 350 chapter and I participate in their activities when I have time. Here is a link to our grief ritual: https://www.wholeheartedpath.com/drinking-from-the-well Our facilitator, Lara, is looking to do these rituals in California too, so please contact her if your farm would like to host or you know another place to hold one.