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  • Bob

    June 19, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Agro-ecological practices: A volunteer at the Gill Tract Community Farm just compiled this list of what we are succeeding at and what we have yet to accomplish. It seems relevant to this week’s discussion. You can compare this list to your own success and look for the commonalities.

    Farm successes:
    1. demonstrating urban organic agro-ecology as a viable alternative to industrial agriculture and monocropping.
    2. showing that preserving open space and crating edible gardens are important contributors to combating global climate change.
    3. providing a space where people can learn the skills to grow food in a variety of urban settings (back yards front yards, abandoned lots, public parks)
    4. distributing organic produce to underserved and marginalized populations
    5. illustrating public resources (UCB property) can be cooperatively managed successfully in collaboration with the community
    6.promoting food justice and food sovereignty via joint projects with the local indigenous community

    Farm challenges:
    1. operating a viable food production facility with volunteer labor from the community and local schools 2. obtaining adequate resources (financial and otherwise) to expand our food growing capacity
    3. developing a collaborative relationship with UCB and a long-term agreement to preserve the Gill Tract as agricultural land (a significant challenge)
    4. having an impact in the broader movement to create an equitable and healthy society
    5. expanding inclusion of marginalized communities in farm governance to develop leadership