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  • Sharon Blick

    June 24, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    When I look at the predicted climate data for my farm in the future, I feel grief because it won’t be the same place anymore. I love my farm for all that it is besides what I do here. I love the seasons as they are. I love the wild plants and animals who live here too. Maybe I can adapt by changing what varieties I plant and when I plant and harvest, and I can change my timing on livestock production, but how are the wild plants and animals going to make it, and what impact will their absence have on the farm? Like native pollinators, for example. The other grief I feel is every time I leave the farm. Since I only leave the farm about once a week, perhaps I see modern civilization more clearly than most. I see how unsustainable it is and feel grief for how much of Nature is being destroyed to produce crap that doesn’t make anyone truly happy. I feel grief for the future, for my daughter and my interns, because the longer we continue business as usual, the worse is going to be the crash that is coming. And still our economic system is based on unlimited growth on a finite planet. It is insane.