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  • Laura

    June 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    My urban site would withstand an extended drought as long as municipal water supplies hold out. My response relies on a somewhat reasonable assumption, but potentially not the most responsible practice and certainly not in the spirit of this course. It is the only site where I have ‘ownership’ and ability/confidence to implement long-term practices, but it is not ideal soil or siting for agricultural purposes.
    My small semi-rural site relies on well water that might be at very likely risk of running dry in an extended drought. The soil, climate and overall siting there are better for implementing water harvesting strategies, but it is not my land, raising the resistance to implement long-term investments in landscape practices.

    I would cite erosion as an indicator of vulnerability on many of the (sloping) farms I work with in the region.

    I do not have long enough tenure on my own farm sites to have experienced a climatic event in any meaningful context, so I can’t really speak to the remaining questions now.