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  • Marlena Hirsch

    August 21, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Because I am a high school teacher with a school and home garden, I have limited info to share. Here is what I think that others might be interested in.

    Response of Fruit trees to Wildfire
    I am observing how my fruit trees are responding to the wildfire that burned them. The apple trees that burned are base-sprouting. This is an opportunity for me to choose the strongest sprout over time and graft it. The peach has already sprouted to a height of about four feet. This tree grew from a seedling, so the root is making the same wood that produces delicious peaches. The wildfire makes a case for own-root fruit trees, but I have only found reliable fruit from peaches and nectarine seedlings.
    I will choose low chill apple varieties when I graft.