• Troya Cowell

    August 22, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    My girlfriend and I recently moved back to the area in March. It is my 3rd time back to the Bay Area. I graduated from UC Berkeley. Presently, we live in Sonoma. We have been seeking land leases and writing business proposals for our farm project for a few months now. We have not found the right relationship yet. We are also looking at purchasing land of our own. We are interested in no-till market gardening, Afro-ecology, and holistic management principles. Currently, we tend a small market garden and have 12 chickens. It is only a backyard farm at this point but it is producing nicely. We have established 16 permanent beds and composting projects are underway. We are halfway through our first year cultivating here in CA and it’s been exciting. We have farmed on the east coast exclusively, so there is much to learn about the climate and conditions here in Northern California. I am excited to take this course and to interact with all of the other participants.