• Julie Fagan

    August 27, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    My husband and I have a 50 acre ranch in Grass Valley, CA just north of Sacramento in the Sierra Foothills. Our goal is to discover how many people we can sustainable feed off of 50 acres while improving the quality of the soil. This means providing meat, eggs, milk, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits. We would like to create a model that could be replicated other places. A little over half our land has been sectioned into 4 large paddocks so we can better manage our range grasses while rotating cattle and chickens thru. We have a couple irrigation projects underway on this section of the property using Nevada Irrigation District (NID) water which runs thru the property. We also have a 200 tree almond orchard, a small (testing) fruit orchard that we plan to expand and a smallish no-till organic garden that we plan to expand to over 3 acres after we find a caretaker / partner to work with. Our hope is to find a like minded person, couple or intern to live on our property in either their own RV or the Park Model RV (new home construction on a tractor trailer) we are planning to put up by our upper pond. Details on park models for those of you that think they are a great solution to add flexible additional housing: https://ld.parkmodelsdirect.com/floorplan/morgan-hill/

    I am very interested in this course as I hope it will allow us to build upon what we already know having followed all the information we can get from places like Polyface Farms and the Kaiser’s at Singing Frogs Farm. I look forward to connecting with you as well!