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  • Julie Fagan

    September 4, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    I tried and like both tools:
    Cal Adapt
    The Climate Toolbox

    1) Based on the predicted future climatic conditions in your region, what impacts (ecological, economic, etc) on your agricultural system do you expect?
    I believe my property will go from zone 9b-10a between now and 2099. Many Fruit Trees and Grains will only grow in lower temps (9b max) including Almonds (I already have 200 Almond trees in my orchard). This information is causing me to reconsider / adapt my planting plans and farm strategy.

    2) Can you estimate the losses (income, yields, etc) that your farm has experienced due to climatic events? Not really, we are only getting started moving from strictly range land to growing fruit /nut trees and other fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to determine how many people we can support (for all food needs) on 50 acres while also improving the quality of the land. Healthier soil = healthier people and planet.

    3) Have you noticed changes in your farm due to climatic variability? An increase of insect pests or diseases? New weeds? Changes in the phenology of your crop? Need to adjust planting dates? Etc. Please describe changes and why you think they happened.
    We had an unexplained grasshopper infestation last year.
    I’m noticing more bark being burned off of fruit and nut trees than in the past.
    Star thistle is becoming more of a problem.