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Expand the way you farm, think, and learn. All without leaving your farm.
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Farm Locally. Learn Globally.

Expand the way you work, think, and learn. All without leaving your farm.

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The Virtual Campus for Farmers

Specially designed for busy farmers and food system change-makers, the Virtual Campus brings the world of agroecology, sustainable farming and social justice closer to you. MISSION STATEMENT? Here, you’ll find resources like cutting edge online courses, applied activities, and live talks with expert farmers that could end up as your mentors. Meet peers through engaging forums, exploring agricultural topics most relevant to you. Using an international Farm Map, you’ll join an engaged international community from over 33 different countries made up of expert to beginning farmers, academics, activists and fellow students. All this combines into our Virtual Campus, where you can expand your knowledge and make your agricultural world thrive.

Online Courses

Online and Farmer-Centered

Our courses are designed with you in mind. Online, self-paced, applied, and with the most relevant food system topics for you to take your learning to the next level.

Certificate Programs

Give your farming career a boost by earning a Certificate in Applied Agroecology, Organic Seed Production, and more.

Partner Courses

We partner with ally organizations and farms like the Organic Seed Alliance to bring you even better content. Enjoy a partner course, or you can contact us if you’re interested in partnering to host your own online course on this Virtual Campus!

Join the Global Network

Be part of a global network and meet two-decades worth of international relationships built by MESA, now shared with you. Connect to each other, live-problem solve, or even find a mentor through our interactive map, Learner Profiles and engaging Private Forums.

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