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Whether you’re a busy farmer wanting to provide more structure and better mentoring for interns, or an intern/apprentice on a farm or organization, or simply excited to learn more about agroecology and engage with a global community of farmers, you’re in the right place!

For Farm Mentors, adding our curriculum to your farm internship can help you to:
— Enrich hands-on training and improve structure for on-farm internships/apprenticeships;
— Advance agroecological practices and experimentation on your farm
— Connect with a global grassroots network of farmers, organizers and innovators;
— Attract more dedicated intern candidates;
— Provide on-farm accident insurance for certificate-enrolled participants;
— Gain more legitimacy and legal protections for on-farm internships

For Farm Interns, our curriculum can help you to:
— Engage with a global community of food and farming changemakers of farmers, MESA Steward alumni, community activists, and agroecology educators;
— Contextualize and enrich your hands-on training within a global perspective;
— Integrate practical skill-building and socio-political learning;
— Gain experience in participatory education and agroecology research;
— Enhance your resumé by earning a Certificate in Applied Agroecology during your farm internship.

What’s the cost?
2015 is our pilot year! We invite you to take individual courses or the full-season of courses for free. Participants will be asked to provide critical feedback with periodic surveys to help shape future course offerings.

All participants can:
— Receive full access to MESA’s online courses
— Connect with MESA’s diverse network of learners & educators via discussion forums, chats & webinars

At the end of your first course, you may continue your current free participation, or pay MESA’s sliding scale fee of $150-$250 to earn your certificate and receive these additional benefits:
— Staff feedback on course assignments;
— Staff support for project development and evaluation;
— Supplemental medical insurance for farm-accidents or injuries;
— Priority enrollment with 10% discount to join any outbound program offered by MESA;
— Earn a Certificate in Applied Agroecology. Paper certificates include MESA’s embossed stamp and designation as a bonafide U.S. Department of State training program.

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