Climate Resilience

Climate Resilience – A Course for Farmers

In this self-paced online course, you will learn from climate resilient agriculture experts, experienced farmers, and MESA’s network of agroecology educators. You will have access to online forums to help you build relationships, problem-solve and share expertise with other farmers in the USA. Through a series of engaging online videos and innovative assignments, you’ll learn to create and apply strategies to improve environmental conditions on your farm while helping build resilience and productivity within your management practices. All materials are oriented to confronting Climate Change on your farm.

Dates : Rolling enrollment. Participants are welcomed to begin July 31st onward. Deadline to submit all required materials is September 15th. If you can’t make this round, fill out the interest form below.


Free. This course is no cost to participant due to funding by the Western Extension Risk Management Education Center in partnership with MESA.

Course is valued at $150-$350 per person sliding scale – we’re a tiny nonprofit – Donations are highly encouraged!


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Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand Agroecology in relationship to climate resilience
  2. Learn how to evaluate the risk and vulnerability of their agroecosystems to extreme climate events
  3. Learn how to apply agroecological principles to design a resilient farm

Time Commitments

There are 6 Lessons that are self-paced with no live sessions. Each lesson contains around an hour of pre-recorded videos. Additionally, we estimate you’ll spend around 1-2 hours for applied activities. Course is designed to take 5 weeks but can be completed in a shorter time-frame depending on your schedule.

By taking this course you will:

  • Understand how your farm or ranch connects with climate change, agroecology, and global agriculture
  • Create a Climate Resilience Action Plan for your farm or ranch
  • Develop new relationships to share best practices and strategies
  • Increase your farm or ranch’s ability to adapt to the impacts of Climate Change and reduce both the production, social and financial risks of climate variability
  • Gain familiarity with the regional tools, policies and resources available to support you as a farmer in the face of climate change

Upon completion, Participants in Oregon and California may also:

  • Be matched with a MESA advisor to review your Resilience Plan in a one-on-one session
  • Connect regionally with farmers and ranchers during a Farmer-to-Farmer Field Day on September 9th at Singing Frogs Farm (optional)

Course Overview:

  • Pre-recorded videos and lectures
  • Applied Activities
  • Interactive Forums
  • Optional Readings and Resources

Topics Covered:

Agriculture and Climate Change, Agroecology Practices and Principles, Resilience Methods and Tools, Evaluating Energy in Your System,  Creating a Resilience Plan, and more. 

What you will need to participate:

  • A computer with access to high-speed internet

Who can take this course:

  • This course is aimed at farmers, ranchers and food advocates based across the USA
  • You must have a strong interest and desire to practice climate adaptive and resilient farming/ranching
  • Benefits such as Adviser Matching and Field day are only open to people actively farming on the West Coast that complete the course
  • Note: There is no scale requirement for your land. Prior experience with climate resilient farming not required. Background in organic/sustainable/agroecological farming and ranching also not required.

Course Facilitation: There will not be a MESA facilitator for this course as this course is self-paced and self-led. Interaction with your fellow participants is highly encouraged and supported through online forums

*If the timing doesn’t work for you or you would like to be contacted about future opportunities, please fill out this form:

Climate Course


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